Dubai’s Dynamic Nightlife: 15 Must-Visit Entertainment Bars

September 24, 20239 min read

When the sun sets over the dazzling city of Dubai, a vibrant nightlife scene comes to life, offering residents and visitors an unforgettable experience. From breathtaking rooftop lounges to lively British-style pubs, Dubai’s entertainment bars have it all. Here, we’ve handpicked 15 of the best entertainment bars that promise to ignite your evenings with excitement and entertainment. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the nightlife of Dubai!

15 Best Bars to check out in Dubai

1. Buddha Bar Dubai An Asian-inspired oasis, Buddha Bar Dubai beckons with its unique ambiance. Set the mood with a cocktail in hand and let the chill-out sounds of guest DJs transport you to a world of relaxation and luxury.

2. Tamanya Terrace Elevate your night at Tamanya Terrace – a rooftop bar offering stunning views of Dubai’s iconic skyline. It’s the perfect place to unwind with friends while sipping on refreshing drinks.

3. Iris Dubai At Iris Dubai, enjoy an expansive open-air lounge with breathtaking city views, electrifying DJs, live music, and a delectable fusion of cocktails and cuisine. It’s a sensory delight!

4. Lock, Stock & Barrel JBR For a slice of British charm, Lock, Stock & Barrel JBR is the place to be. With a lively atmosphere, sports screenings, pool tables, and a selection of cold pints, it’s a pub-lover’s paradise.

5. The Irish Village Experience the warmth of Irish hospitality at The Irish Village. Savor traditional Irish fare, catch live sports action, and groove to live music – all in one delightful setting.

6. Zero Gravity Party by the Arabian Gulf at Zero Gravity, a beach club and nightclub boasting infinity pools and epic sunset views. It’s a daytime paradise and a sunset haven.

7. Barasti As one of Dubai’s most beloved beach bars, Barasti offers a relaxed ambiance and scenic Arabian Gulf vistas. It’s the ideal spot for unwinding with friends.

8. 360 Take in the city from every angle at 360, a revolving rooftop bar. Sip on cocktails while enjoying breathtaking vistas. The view changes, but the good times stay constant.

9. Cé La Vi *Cé La Vi, located on the 54th floor of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, offers mesmerizing city and Marina Bay views. It’s an exquisite rooftop bar and restaurant.

10. Cavalli Club For a luxurious night out, Cavalli Club is your destination. Dance the night away in a high-end nightclub frequented by the city’s elite.

11. Mahiki Dubai Transport yourself to the tropics at Mahiki Dubai, a Polynesian-themed nightclub. Savor tiki cocktails and dance to infectious beats.

12. Soho Garden *Soho Garden is a nightlife complex with multiple bars and nightclubs, ensuring there’s something for everyone. It’s the perfect place for a night out with friends.

13. Pacha Dubai World-class DJs and electronic music enthusiasts flock to Pacha Dubai. It’s a renowned nightclub where the party never stops.

14. WHITE Dubai With its breathtaking skyline views, WHITE Dubai is a rooftop nightclub designed for those who love to dance the night away while sipping on cocktails.

15. Base Dubai Located in the Dubai Design District, Base Dubai is a versatile nightclub catering to diverse music tastes. It’s the ultimate destination for a memorable night out.

No matter your nightlife preferences, Dubai has an entertainment bar to suit your style. From laid-back evenings to exhilarating nights on the town, these bars promise to make your Dubai nights unforgettable. So, gear up for an epic evening in the city of lights and let Dubai’s dynamic nightlife sweep you off your feet!

Dubai's first non-alcoholic bar
Dubai’s first non-alcoholic bar

Dubai’s non-alcoholic bars

NoLo – Dubai’s first non-alcoholic bar:

  • Instagram: @nolodubai Dubai’s pioneering non-alcoholic bar, NoLo, where sophistication meets mindful drinking.

Seven Sisters:

  • Instagram: @sevensisterscliffs Stylish bar in JW Marriott Marquis Hotel offering mocktails, live music, and DJs.

Jass Lounge:

  • Instagram: @jasslounge DIFC’s renowned jazz lounge known for live music and an extensive mocktail menu.

Alserkal Avenue:

  • Instagram: @alserkalavenue Cultural hub in Al Quoz featuring art galleries, cafes, and restaurants with non-alcoholic options.

La Mer:

  • Instagram: @lamer Beachfront destination with restaurants, cafes, and live music, offering non-alcoholic drinks.


  • Instagram: @boxparkcroydon Trendy shopping complex in Al Wasl with food trucks and restaurants offering non-alcoholic drinks and live music.

Dubai’s Nightlife Extravaganza: Dress Code, Transportation, and Budget Tips

Dubai’s nightlife is synonymous with opulence and style, offering an array of glamorous venues and experiences. To navigate this vibrant scene seamlessly, here are essential insights into the dress code, transportation options, and budget considerations:

Dress Code: Dubai’s nightlife venues uphold a high standard of glamour and sophistication, so dressing the part is key. Whether you’re heading to a swanky nightclub or a chic bar, adhering to the dress code is crucial:

  • For Men: Opt for collared shirts, well-fitted slacks, and polished dress shoes. Ties are not always necessary, but they can add an extra touch of refinement.
  • For Women: Embrace elegance with cocktail dresses, stylish skirts, or fashionable pantsuits. High heels are often the go-to choice. While Dubai’s nightlife scene allows for creative attire, it’s best to steer clear of overly revealing outfits like shorts, tank tops, or flip-flops.

Adhering to the dress code not only ensures you’re admitted to your chosen venue but also allows you to blend seamlessly into the city’s upscale nightlife culture.

Transportation: Getting around Dubai’s nightlife hubs is a breeze, thanks to the city’s well-developed transportation options:

  • Public Transport: Dubai’s metro system is efficient and safe, making it an excellent choice for moving around the city at night. Trains run until midnight on weekdays and until 1 am on weekends.
  • Taxis: Taxis are readily available and easily hailed from the street or via ride-sharing apps. However, keep in mind that they can be relatively expensive compared to other options.
  • Hotel Shuttles: Many hotels in Dubai offer complimentary shuttle services to popular nightlife areas, which can be a convenient and cost-effective way to get around. Check with your hotel for shuttle availability and schedules.

Budget Considerations: Dubai’s nightlife scene offers options for every budget, although it’s worth noting that high-end venues can be quite expensive. Here are some budget considerations to keep in mind:

  • Happy Hours: Take advantage of happy hour deals, which are common at bars and lounges. These promotions often offer discounts on drinks and appetizers during specific hours.
  • Ladies’ Nights: Many venues in Dubai host ladies’ nights, where women can enjoy complimentary drinks or discounts on selected nights of the week.
  • Reservations: Making reservations in advance can sometimes secure you special offers, discounts, or priority entry at certain venues.
  • Budget-Friendly Venues: Dubai also boasts a range of budget-friendly bars and pubs where you can enjoy a night out without breaking the bank.

Additional Tips:

  • Legal Drinking Age: Be aware that the legal drinking age in Dubai is 21, and establishments strictly adhere to this regulation.
  • Don’t Drink and Drive: Never drink and drive in Dubai. Driving under the influence carries severe penalties, including hefty fines and jail time.
  • Respect Cultural Diversity: Dubai is a melting pot of cultures and customs. While enjoying the nightlife, be respectful of others’ traditions and practices.

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